African Americans and Kidney Disease

The Kidney Diseases Prevailing Amongst African Americans

  • The chances of development of kidney failure in African Americans are four times more than the Caucasians. This requires a dialysis or a transplantation of the kidney.
  • A survey named NKDEP was done and it was found that almost eight percent of the African Americans have kidney diseases. This resulted in the high levels of the blood pressure count. While only seventeen percent accepted of having kidney disease as a result of diabetes. 10 percent of people diagnosed with a high blood pressure. Around 29 percent of the people having diabetes, admitted that the negative condition of their kidney functioning is due to no-treatment.
  • About 12 percent of the total population is covered by African Americans. But at the same time out of the population nearly 32 percent has a record of kidney failure.
  • More than 51.2 percent of new patients who are African Americans have a kidney disease due to a high blood pressure level.
  • More than 31.3 percent of new patients who are African Americans have a kidney failure, which was due to diabetes.
  • The men in African Americans segment aged between 20 and 29 have the tendencies to develop a kidney failure 10 times due to higher level in blood pressure. But the Caucasian men have lower risk as compared to the African American.
  • The African American me aged between 30 and 39 have at least 14 times more tendencies to develop a kidney failure due to high blood pressure than the Caucasian men of the same age.

The Kidney Diseases Prevailing In The United States

  • Nearly 20 million Americans are diagnosed with a kidney disease.
  • When a person suffers from a kidney disease in the early stages there are no symptoms. That is why when the disease progresses, there is now way left for a cure. A failure happens with no or little warning.
  • More than 128,000 people lived with a transplantation of the kidney by the end of year 2003. Approximately 325,000 were on dialysis. Since1988, this figure has increased three times.
  • During 2003, the expenditure made on the patients diagnosed with a kidney failure in the United States was approximately $27.3 billion. These figures have increased suddenly from nearly $22 billion in 2001.
  • The main reasons why a kidney fails are generally diabetes and high blood pressure in people. They comprise nearly 70 percent of the new cases.
  • There will be more than 2 million people who will receive a treatment for failure of kidney functioning.
  • A kidney disease can be treated effectively and even at an early stage. The Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme or ACE and the Angiotensin Receptor Blockers or the ARB is used to make the process of kidney failure slower.

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